Rail and Travel

Projects related to the refurbishment, upgrading and expansion of rail and transport infrastructure have become increasingly common as the UK’s public transport systems continue to expand to meet demand.

These projects are often high profile as many of them have been through public enquiries and consultations, which can in turn result in significant and complex planning restrictions. 

Rail and transport sites often remain live to the public throughout the construction process, which obviously presents its own set of challenges, not least in ensuring the health and safety of the public and ensuring that disruption is minimised, particularly during working hours.

As an experienced specialist contractor, FK Group is familiar with the particular demands presented by this sector and well-versed in working on live sites. By ensuring early collaboration with the construction team and extensive involvement from FK’s own Health and Safety Team, we can make sure that programmes are delivered safely and with a minimal amount of disruption, whilst also ensuring that our usual high standards of build and detailing are maintained.

Our latest projects in this area
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