FK Group has its origins in the roofing sector and commercial roofing remains a core part of our business, with a range of metal, membrane and composite roofing systems installed across a variety of sectors and building types.

Working closely with our trusted supply chain, we are a leading installer of industrial and commercial roofing systems for a wide variety of projects across the UK.

Our specialisms include composite roofing systems, commonly specified for large industrial builds, and aluminium standing seam roofing systems, known for their adaptability, durability and low weight.

Single ply membrane roofing systems provide a flexible option suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, and we also work with cold applied liquid systems and built up systems as well as green and brown roofs.

Our roofing work includes both new projects and refurbishment work, and we can also implement planned preventative maintenance programmes via our dedicated Envocare maintenance division.

FK Group is a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors and a Contractor Member of the Single Ply Roofing Association.

Composite roofing

Composite roofing is a panel system whereby the metal profile outer sheet, insulation filler and internal liner are bonded together in one sheet. These panels are typically specified for large scale industrial and commercial projects, where long panel lengths allow for fast, efficient build programmes.

We supply and install a large amount of Kingspan composite roofing each year, including KS1000 RW roof panels and KS1100 CS coldstore panels.

Our extensive experience in the installation of composite roofing panels has allowed us to refine our fitting methods to meet exceptionally fast build programmes and recent innovations in end lap fixing detail have helped our buildings to perform exceptionally well in air tightness tests, as well as providing long term weather performance.

Standing seam roofing

Standing seam roofing is a metal roofing system which involves the joining of panels above the flat of the roof with the use of non-penetrative clip systems.

These systems are lightweight and offer maximum design flexibility as they can be formed into complex shapes including tapers and waveforms, with many of them able to be roll-formed on site. Because there are no end laps and no external penetrations of the outer sheet, standing seam roofing provides optimum weather protection and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

Systems commonly used by FK Group include Kalzip and CA River-Therm.

Membrane roofing

Membrane roofing involves the application of a flexible, durable weatherproof membrane. Single ply membranes are available in either PVC or flexible polyolefine (FPO) and can be laid to shallow falls as well as used to achieve complex roof shapes.

Built up roofing

Built up roofing systems consist of an internal liner sheet and a structural grid system to create a cavity, this is filed with loose laid insulation in a variety of thicknesses to achieve the required u value. An external quality finished profiled top sheet forms the outer layer.

These systems are the most commonly used in the industry, which means they are readily available, resulting in short lead-in periods to site and a competitive price.

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