FK Group Helps Spread Christmas Cheer with Salford Lions Club

Once again FK Group’s QSHE manager Alan Smith has led a group of our current and former apprentices as part of an effort to help provide elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people in the Salford area with a Christmas meal and disco as part of his continued work with the Salford Lions Club.

The club, which is now in its 10th year and is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers, works tirelessly to support the needs of one of the UK’s most deprived communities.

Every year, some of the area’s most vulnerable people are invited to enjoy a Christmas dinner and party. This years’ event on 15th December saw 20 volunteers gather at the Angel Centre to cater for 65 elderly, special needs and disabled people from the local community.

Volunteers included four members of the Salford Lions team as well as five of its ‘young lions’, several from FK’s client BCEGI on the current Middlewood Locks project in Salford and former FK Group client ESBI’s Mike Clancy was also on hand to pay Santa for the day. In addition, eight of FK Group’s apprentices and trainees volunteered along with Renaker Construction’s John Storr cooking up a feast as well as several of the Angel Centre’s regular volunteers.

Donations of food and funds were also made by FK Group and several of our current clients including Bouygues UK and Carillion. Remaining donations have already been earmarked to support a festive lunch on Christmas Day at St. Paul’s Church in Pendleton catering for 40 of the city’s homeless community.

Also for the 10th consecutive year, the Lions will be providing food hampers for 25 families in the area which will be distributed by students from Pendleton 6th Form Centre.

In 2018, Alan and FK Group will be working with several main contractors from projects across Salford to help build kitchen and bathroom facilities at a Salford Lions supported homeless shelter, offering a safe environment to some of the community’s most vulnerable people.

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FKFK Group Helps Spread Christmas Cheer with Salford Lions Club